What's the give-2 get-campaign for?

The current pandemic has had a significant impact on Hope House & Ty Gobaith Children’s Hospices. Their donations disappeared overnight, their shops closed and events were cancelled. They currently face a lost income figure of £1.25 million as a result. When you know that they need to raise £6.5 million to keep the doors open, it’s a stark reminder of how important support from the local community is.   

They have had to make sure their hospices are COVID safe. Increased PPE is required for nurses and families. Initially, they were faced with the unthinkable situation of a family not being able to be with their child in their last hours but thanks to the local community the necessary PPE was sourced and this didn’t happen. Going forward, the cost of PPE is an extra strain on their finances. They need 12 FFP masks and 12 gowns in anyone 24-hour period for every child being cared for. This equates to a cost of £78 for each child, per day. 

Hope house nurses and families need our help. We are therefore inviting clients to donate their £149.00 which would ordinarily be used to pay for their mirror Wills to cover some of the costs of 10 days PPE for one child and DanJo & Co become a Hope House Champion as a result. We are pushing to raise a total donation pot of £5000

Only if our community comes together will we weather this storm and be there for every family who needs us. Hope house still hold true to their mission statement, “No one should face the death of their child alone” and with pledges from businesses like DanJo & Co, we can ensure this never happens.


Dan Spragg